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Ghostnote Studios are a purpose-built facility located right in the centre of the Adelaide CBD.

Whatever your preferred style of production and recording method you require, we have you covered.

With the large acoustically-treated live room, three isolated booths, and a large collection of instruments and analog hardware, Ghostnote is the perfect location to workshop and produce high-end studio recordings with precision and character.

Core System

Neotek Élite II 24-Channel Console

“Hackintosh”Quad-Core Intel i7/32GB RAM

Pro-Tools 12 / Logic Pro X


Neotek Élite II (x24)

Thermiatic Culture “The Rooster” Valve Preamp (x2 channels)

Sebatron VMP 4000e Valve Preamp (x4 channels)

API 512c Preamp (x2)

Rupert Neve Design 511 Preamp


Urei 1178 Stereo Compressor (original)

ADL 1000 Compressor/Limiter

JMC 1176

SPL Transient Designer (x4)

DBX 160A

DBX 160x


TC Electronics Finalizer


Neotek Élite II (x24)

Neotek Élite II filter (x24)

Thermiatic Culture “The Rooster” (x2)

Sebatron VMP 4000e (x4)


TC Electronics M2000 (x2)

Roland Space Echo RE-20

Large Diaphragm Condensers

AKG 414 (x3)

Neumann TLM103

Rode Classic one

Beezneez Arabella


Neumann KM184 (x2) 

Earthworks M30 (x2)

Studio Projects LSD2 Stereo Dual Capsule

AKG 451


Royer 121

Nude Stereo


OPR The Grill (x2)

sE Voodoo


Beyer M201 (x2)

Beyer M88 (x2)

Beyer M69

AKG D112

Shure Beta 52

Shure SM57 (x2)

Shure SM58

Electrovoice RE320

Lomo 82A-5M


Focal Twin6-Be

Yamaha M5P3’s

Yamaha HS5


Sennheiser 660 S

Event 20/20 Passive


Fab Filter





ACME Audio


Emperical Labs

Steven Slate


Soft Synths

Arturia V Collection

Roland Cloud Collection




Marshall JCM800 Superlead 1982

Marshall JCM800 2203

Marshall JTM45

VOX AC30 Head

Fender Bassman 300T

Fender Bassman 45

Fender Hot Rod III (Red October Edition)

Fender Twin Reverb

Acoustic 220

Orange Rocker 30

Orange AC30

Vadis Extended Range Series-4

Ampeg V6V

Peavy 5150 Mk I



Ampeg bass ‘fridge’ 8x10 (USA made)

Orange 4x12 PPC412 (UK made)

Orange 2x12 PPC212 (UK made)

Orange 2x12 open-back

Marshall JCM800 4x12

Acoustic 1x15

Vadis 2x12

Peavey 4x12 (80’s large format)


Ludwig 1970’s Black Cortex (22x14, 12/13/16)

Premier Elite 1978 (24x14, 13/14/18)

DW Collectors Series (22x18, 10/12/14)

Tama Swingstar (80’s) (24x16, 12/13/16)

Pearl Fibreglass (just kick) (24x14)


Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6½, hand hammered

DW Collectors Series 14x6½, brass

DW Collectors Series 14x5, nickel over brass

Pearl Session Custom 14x 6½, maple shell  

Various Zildjian cymbals

Tambourines, shakers, bells (incl. various cowbells)


EGC Full Aluminum

Epiphone Sheraton Deluxe 335

Burny lawsuit-era Les Paul (MIJ)

Greco “Sparkle-Sound” Strat (MIJ)

Fender Jazzmaster (1995 MIJ)

Fender Mustang

Greco P-Bass (70’s, MIJ)

Music Man Stingray Bass

Maton M225 Accoustic

Piano & Synths

Grotrian-Steinweg Baby Grand Piano

Roland JUNO-6

Roland Jupiter-4

Roland SH-01

Roland JV-1080

Korg Poly 800

Hammond Organ

Effects Pedals

Roland/BOSS Chorus Ensemble version 1

Roland/Boss TU-2

Roland/Boss Graphic EQ version 1

Electro Harmonix Big Muff (big box civil war bubble font)

Bigsound/Smallsound The Hawk

Boss Chorus CE-2 (long dash)

Boss ODB-3 Bass OD

Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9

Zvex Super Hard-On (hand painted)

Montreal Assembly “your and you’re”

Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter/Enhancer

Arion Graphic EQ

Arion Metal Master

Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor

MXR Carbon Copy

MXR Micro Amp

Maxon Fl-9 Flanger

Dunlop Fuzz Face

Roland RE20 Space Echo

Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 (japan)

T.C Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

Crowther Audio Hot Cake (2 knob)

ProCo Vintage RAT

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

Tronographic Rusty Box

Blackstar HT Dual

Boss NS-2




Behringer Stereo D.I.

AKAI MPK61 MIDI Keyboard

Korg Toneworks DTR2 Tuner

BBE Supa-Charger





Chief Engineer

Jimmy Balderston has been a respected force in the Australian music scene for the past 20 years. As well as being an accomplished touring drummer, Jimmy is best known for his prolific engineering career nationally, spending the last 9 years of that time in Adelaide building up and operating Ghostnote Studios. 

Having completed a degree from the Conservatorium of Queensland and a Mix with the Masters course with Steve Albini in France, Jimmy’s forte lands in big natural sounds and meticulously crafted tones. His ability to seamlessly work within any genre and attention to detail has him sought out by hundreds of bands nationwide, including Luca Brasi, High Tension, Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Totally Unicorn and Grenadiers

Albums Jimmy engineered and produced have gone on to be nominated for several ARIA awards, has had multiple feature albums on Triple J and has been nominated for several SA Music Awards, taking out “Best Studio” in 2018.


Photography & Media

Lauren is a live music and portrait photographer operating on top of Ghostnote Studios. With great passion and taste in music, she has shot over 1000 international, national and local bands and held multiple successful solo exhibitions. 

In 2018, Lauren completed her Bachelor of Media majoring in photography, developing a strong portrait portfolio of Adelaide creatives. She has been nominated for multiple photography awards and shortlists and regularly shoots for Triple J, Amnplify and The Music

You can visit her portfolio here.




As a producer, mixer, recording engineer, musician and live sound engineer Jeremy has worked in the music scene since 1991.

Relocating to New York, Jeremy teamed up with The Twisted Ones to hold DIY (read illegal) wharehouse parties in and around brooklyn. There he mixed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Gossip, Liars, Black Dice, Avery Tare/Panda Bear (pre-animal collective), Onieda, Acid Mothers Temple, Gang Gang Dance, High on Fire and Glass Candy amongst others. 

In 2006 feeling the pressure of Brooklyn’s gentrification the team relocated to Berlin where they setup the legendary underground venue West Germany. 

From here jeremy began touring internationally with Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, Battles, Crystal Castles, Slowdive, Zola Jesus, Undertones, Blonde Redhead, Deerhunter, Efterklang, HTRK, Joshua T Pearson.

After recording in various studios in Berlin, Jeremy set up The Glove Factory where he produced recorded and/or mixed Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, Tricky, Crystal Castles, Liars, Kit Warhurst, Bar Sinister, Holly Herndon


In-House Musician/Synth Lord

Need any additional players on your record? Need soundscapes for your tracks? Need soundtrack work for your film? Need a drummer who hits with the power of a thousand suns? Find him dwelling the synth lab most days.

You can contact Jarrad here.


In-House Engineer

After proving himself as the assistant at Ghostnote Studios for years, Colby Robertson has come into his own as an engineering force to be reckoned with. As an established and accomplished musician as well as producer, he has been shaping the local Adelaide scene working with a large selection of local talent.

As a young man and avid flag waver for the analog domain, Colby is a unique anomaly who has his finger on the pulse of was is current, yet respect for the old school approach to recording music; giving the client a catered-for and individual experience that cannot be matched. He is also a multi-instrumentalist who is able to guide every player, no matter the skill set, throughout takes with ease and care taken to performance as well as sonic attributes. A true jack of all trades when it comes to the studio.


Repair Technician

Josh is no stranger to the Adelaide music scene. Playing in bands Horror My Friend and West Thebarton, his passion for guitar and gear naturally intertwines with his persistent ability to repair and improve anything that comes his way. A keen electronics nerd, Josh offers repairs, upgrades and builds for any kind of amplifier, cab, guitar or pedal, all on site in the front of the studio.

You can contact Josh here.


Full studio hire (w/ engineers)…………………………………$440 p/day

Studio hire (dry)…………………………………$300 p/day

Included in the hire is full use of the facilities and instruments.

For session musicians or additional (externally-hired) equipment, let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to find what you need.



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Engineer Contacts:

Jimmy Balderston: jimmy@ghostnote.com.au

Colby Robertson: colby@ghostnote.com.au

Jeremy Glover: jeremytglover@gmail.com


a. 18 Gunson Street, Adelaide, South Australia

ph. 0401114409

e. info@ghostnote.com.au